Letter Riddles

   1. What is the correct way to file an axe?

   2. Why is the letter D like a sailor?

   3. How do you get pies to work for the government?

   4. Why should dieters avoid the letter C?

   5. What letters are the smartest?

   6. Why do your uncles, aunts, and cousins depend on you?

 7. Why is the letter D so aggravating?

   8. What did the letter say to the postage stamp?

   9. What can turn a lad into a lady?

  10. Why does Lucy like the letter K?

  11. Why is the letter D so important at a wedding?

  12. What letter comes after B in the alphabet?

  13. If your worst enemy fell overboard, what letter would suit you?

  14. Why is the letter A like a flower?

  15. Why are A, E, and U the prettiest vowels?

  16. What is the coldest letter?

  17. Why is the letter E so unfortunate?

  18. What word of 8 letters can you subtract 5 and leave 10?

  19. How, besides NME, can you spell enemy with 3 letters?

  20. Why is the letter G like the sun?

Answers to the Riddles

  1. ' Under the letter A.
  2. ' Because it follows the C.
  3. ' You add the letter S and get spies.
  4. 'Because it makes fat a fact.
  5. 'The Ys.
  6. 'Without U, they would not exist.
  7. ' Because it makes Ma maD.
  8. You send me!
  9. The letter Y.
  10. It makes Lucy lucKy
  11. We cannot be wed without it
  12. the letter e
  13. LETTER B!
  14. It is always followed by bees
  15. You cannot have beauty without them
  16. C - it is in the middle of ice
  17. It is always in debt
  18. Tendency
  19. FOE
  20. It is in the middle of light

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