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Do you want to Explore India?  
Want to look into India’s history?

How was our motherland Named India? Find out! Look into the history of India's Freedom Struggle. Who is the Father of the Nation?

Where is India located? Who are her neighbors? Can you name the States and Union Territories of India? How is India governed? Would you like to join politics? Why not join the Defense services to protect our motherland?  

Want to discover the natural and man-made wonders of India?

India is home to numerous species of flora and fauna. It covers a vast terrain supporting a human population of more than a billion.

Would you like to Visit Kashmir or Kanyakumari or take a leisurely trip along the banks of the River Kaveri? May be, you have a desire to see the beauty of Rajasthan, its palaces, forts, lakes and sand dunes…

Do you know India has an amazing ability to absorb and assimilate varied ways of living? It is a melting pot of varied Cultures and Religions.

To become an enlightened citizen of India, you need to be more careful towards your Studies. There are so many things to learn and explore, isn’t it? will answer your wide range of questions. You can find anything and everything about India, only here.

Click on the links below to know about India or its various states and Union territories etc. or certain specific topics of your choice:- 
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