“Living without Internet means living without air”

The Internet is a major source of leisure and information for people coming from all age groups. It is used widely to download movies, & songs, to access news & sports reports, to plan & book holidays, to stay in touch with friends using chat & email services and many other things.

Apart from the pool of information & services the Internet provides us, it is also host to various industries like pornography and gambling. Although many governments have put restrictions on usage of internet for promotion by such industries, this has generally failed to stop their widespread popularity.

If children are allowed to surf without some guidelines & precautions, the chances of getting exploited or taken on a wrong path are very high. Regular monitoring of the child’s stay at the internet is very important. We need to ensure that the child gains something useful out of the internet and not indulge in inappropriate activities.

Some web surfing guidelines for children have been discussed below:
  1. It must be ensured that children do not to give out any personal information like residence address, telephone / mobile number, name / location of school, etc. to any stranger while surfing over the internet.

  2. Children must take prior permission from their parents before downloading any files on to their computer systems.

  3. Personal identifiers like pictures must never be send to any stranger on the internet.

  4. If a child comes across any information on the net that is upsetting, the same should be immediately informed to the parents. Remember, only websites with proper recognition are safe to surf.

  5. Personal security passwords should never be leaked to any stranger or even friends.

  6. On the Internet, people can often pretend to be who they are not. Internet friendships and relationships can therefore never be true and may hurt you emotionally as well as physically.

  7. If you are receiving unwanted mails / data or anyone on the internet is harassing you by saying something inappropriate, report the same to your parents immediately.

  8. Do not include any information like your name, date of birth, location etc in your chat name. Strangers may be able to figure out your personal information from your chat name.

  9. When in chat rooms, avoid entering into private chats with anyone. Let your parents know if you have been regularly chatting with someone.

  10. Do not click on any website links that flash on the chat rooms or anywhere else while surfing the internet.

  11. Don’t reveal any information about yourself while chatting as the same can be seen by other users as well.

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