Kids! We often come across a common question of, “What hobby do you have”, in our daily lives. Be it your new friends or your class teacher, everyone seems quite interested in knowing about your interests and hobbies. The people around you always encourage you to indulge yourself in an interesting hobby as it benefits you in many more ways than you have realized.

A Hobby can be any recreational activity that you pursue to keep yourself entertained and pass your leisure time. It will always keep you active and help you rejuvenate and relax, draining out all the stress and strain from your life. It also helps you to explore your innermost creativity abilities and groom your skills, turning you into a better person. There are numerous entertaining activities that are enjoyed by people all across the globe as a delightful way to connect with themselves, spend some productive time and break free from their boring, monotonous schedules. Some find their interest in energetic outdoor activities like, Swimming and Cycling, while others seek their pleasure in simple educational activities like, Stamp collection, Astronomy and Book reading.

Creative hobbies like Painting, Scrapbooking and Pottery gives the opportunity for people to rediscover their hidden artistic skills. Learning a Musical Instrument like Casio, Guitar, and Tabla can also be an option if Music helps you to relax. You can turn this hobby into a vocation in your later life.

A wide range of these exciting activities offers a chance to have fun for every individual as these exercises are capable to serve people of all ages.

A good hobby instigates self confidence, makes you socially active and provides you with a sense of fulfillment. A hobby is a life long skill and one should give appropriate thought on selecting the best suitable hobby for him/her. Your elders, parents and teachers can also be very helpful in figuring out the most suitable hobby for you. Don’t get too confused and opt for a simple activity that you can carry out daily. You can easily start off with any interest of yours and turn it into your favorite hobby!!

So, pick on any hobby from the list given below and add a long lasting passion in your life that can further be turned into your career, if you are lucky enough!!

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