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Ancient Indian Tales

   1. Right and Might

   2. The Man in the Moon

   3. The Legend of the Rice

   4. The Lord Krishna and the Lapwing's Nest

   5. The Peacock and the Tortoise

   6. Let's See On Which Side The Camel Sits

   7. The Washerman and The Donkey

   8. The Seven Weavers and The Field of Flax

   9. The Gold-giving Serpent

  10. A Lesson for Kings

Short Stories

   1. The Princess and the Pea

   2. The Tortoise and the Hare

   3. The Ant and the Grasshopper

   4. High and Lifted Up

   5. The Image Of The Lost Soul

   6. The Frog Prince

   7. Mr Sticky

   8. The Hare Who Would Not Be King

   9. The Emperor's New Suit

  10. Little Red Riding Hood

  11. An Enlightening Book

  12. Rewarding Superstitions

  13. My Friend Luke

  14. The Tidy Drawer

  15. The Twelve Dancing Princesses

  16. The Miser

  17. The Fox and The Crow

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