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What are Asteroids?


Asteroids are minor planets which are mostly found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are also called planetoids. Giuseppe Piazzi identified the largest asteroid called Ceres having a diameter of 900-1000 km.

Many asteroids have been identified whose orbits cross Earth’s orbit and therefore can collide with the Earth. A theory of dinosaur extinction is based on the fact that a massive asteroid had hit the Earth’s surface.

What are Comets?

A Comet is a small body composed of volatile ices, rocks and dust, which orbits the sun. Comet.jpgThe tail of a comet is formed due to the effect of solar radiation over the nucleus of the comet.

Most of the comets have a highly eccentric orbit which takes them beyond the orbit of Pluto. Comets are visible only when they are near to the Sun. Till date, the most famous comet is Comet Halley which was seen in 1910 & 1986 and will again be seen in early 2062.                                                                                 Comets
What are Meteors?
meteors.jpgA meteor, also known as a shooting star or a falling star, is the part of the meteoroid visible to the naked eye. A meteoroid which is able to hit the Earth’s surface after surviving the atmosphere is called a Meteorite.

The hitting of a meteorite causes a crater on the Earth’s surface. Most of the meteoroids are broken down into dust particles while passing through the atmosphere.

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