Interesting Riddles
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Hey kids twist and turn your mind to solve some interesting riddles.....so here it goes...


   1. Why should bowling alleys be quiet?

   2. What is the hardest thing about learning to ride a bicycle?

   3. Why is the sun like a good loaf of bread?

   4. What is the coldest row in a theater?

   5. What kind of cans may be found on the floor of the United States Congress?

   6. What kind of a house weighs the least?

   7. When are the roads unpleasant?

   8. What swimmer could jump in the water and not get his hair wet?

   9. Why do snowflakes dance about?

  10. What is it that dances in the yard after it is dead?

  11. What is bought by the yard but worn by the foot?

  12. What trees are left behind after a fire?

  13. Who are the best bookkeepers?

  14. What flower comes up with the dawn?

  15. Seven is an odd number. How can it be made even?

  16. Name the Dinosaurs which were man - eaters?

  17. A person who collects stamps is called a philatelist. Name the person who collects coins?

  18. Six tea-pots are lying on the table. One falls down. How many are left?

  19. What does a kid computer call his father?

  20. What is the computers first sign of old age?

  21. What happened when the computer had a great fall?

  22. Why was there a bug in the computer?

  23. What is a computer virus?

Answers to the Riddles

  1. So that one can hear a pindrop!
  2. TheGround!
  3. Becauseit'slightwhenitrises!
  4. Zrow(zero).
  5. Republicans.
  6. Alighthouse.
  7. When they are crossroads.
  8. Abald-headedman.
  9. They are getting ready for the snowball.
  10. A fallen leaf.
  11. Arug
  12. Ashes.
  13. People who don't return the books they borrow.
  14. Morning Glory
  15. Take away the"s".
  16. Did man existin the times of Dinosaurs?
  17. Beggar
  18. 59(Sixtea-pots:-sixtypots).
  19. Data.
  20. Lossof Memory.
  21. It slipped a disk.
  22. It was looking for a byte to eat.
  23. Aterminalillness

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