Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat
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Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat

"Kitty cat, kitty cat, where have you been?"
"Out to the barn to visit a friend."
"Kitty cat, kitty cat, what did you do?"
"I watched the cow when she said MOO!"

"Kitty cat, kitty cat, why did she say that?"
"I do not know, I'm just a cat."
"Kitty cat, kitty cat, do you have fun?"
"Oh my yes, I'm up with the sun."

"Well, kitty cat, kitty cat, where is your place?"
"Close by the farmer who splashed milk on my face."
"Sounds like the farmer gave you a treat."
"Yes, and I licked it up, gotta stay neat."

"So, kitty cat, kitty cat, do you stay warm?"
"Oh my yes, I just love the farm."
"Then, kitty cat, kitty cat, what do you do there?"
"Catch all the mice that are everywhere."

"Sounds like a nice place for you, kitty cat."
"Oh, yes indeed and I can't beat that."

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